Meet Violectric: Not Just a Rock Band

When you dive into classical music it can be hard to take in especially if you don’t have a trained ear. 

Violectric is here to show you that music is anything you want it to be. Classical and rock can be mashed together creating a sound just as beautiful as when they stand alone.  

The band has seven members that come together for a performance with dancing, headbanging, and different lights on their instruments. Their musical influences range from Irish fiddle, to hip-hop, bluegrass, Latin, Broadway, and classically trained, that fuse together with their energy and styles to create Violectric.   

The most compelling and challenging part of this band is that they play completely live. No backtrack, nothing pre-recorded, just live, pure, real music. The band feels the music and the energy within each other to put on a performance that will have you captivated.  

Michelle, lead violinist and creator of Violectric says, “We pick music and songs that we think will stand the test of time.”  

They do this so they can reach new audiences and spark an interest in people of all ages. Showing the audience that there’s more to string instruments and maybe that modern music may not be here without it.    

“Part of why I’m excited to play Twisted Strings is because I want to talk to everyone and get to know the audience and feel out what they want,”  

“Each new place is different and each performance is different. What we want to do is try to give a little something for everyone.”   

Maybe you’ll hear them play your favorite song in a more electrifying way, but the only way you’ll find out is checking them out at Twisted Strings.  

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