We are excited to welcome


Delicious Traditional Dutch Delights™ like “Poffertjes” or Poffers®, as we call them. These are bite-size, puffed-up beignets that are always made fresh with our unique style of in-house batters, never deep fried. In contrast with pancakes, Poffers® are small yet much thicker and have a light, smooth texture. Typically, Poffers® are served with powdered sugar and butter.

Mr. Ed’s Ice Cream

Ice Cream Truck carries over 55 quality novelty items such as Good Humor, Rich’s, Blue Bunny, Popsicle, Philadelphia Italian Ices, M&M, Chunks O’ Fruit, and other snacks and cold drinks. Whether you enjoy the classic chocolate and vanilla flavors, or ices and fruits, we have something for everyone including Fat-free, Sugar-free, Gluten Free, Low Cholesterol, etc. There’s even a cold treat for your canine companion! 

The Dawg House

Taking the most popular convenient style foods, and adding a gourmet twist, the Dawg House is a festival favorite. Each dish is prepared to order and is always fresh, never frozen or canned. The Dawg House comes with two stations, Planet Philly and Holy Macaroni. Every Planet Philly has style you can think of available as well as the traditional favorite with shaved Prime Rib.  The Mac Bowls from Holy Macaroni are made on the spot, using a technique of recooking each portion, resulting in the best Mac & Cheese Bowls in a festival environment. Introducing options like Shrimp Mac, Veggie Mac, Ragin Cajun, or add your favorite toppings to a classic mac.

The Folkswagen

The Folkswagen is an extension of the neighborhood favorite Fine Folk Pizza, the only difference is they’re bringing the pizza tossing fun right to you. The Folkswagen will be serving up eight styles of hand tossed New York thin crust pizza by the slice. Featuring classics like cheese, pepperoni, Margherita and a few twisted options like BBQ chicken, bruschetta, and Gametime featuring roasted chicken, bacon, and creamy ranch drizzled on top. These Fine Folks didn’t forget about vegan veggie option either making sure there’s a little something for everyone.

Red Roc Cravings

The Red Roc Cravings food truck is known for the freshest ingredients, bold flavors, and enormous burritos and serves it all up on the go. Red Roc will be rollin’ into the evening with their authentic spread of burritos, tacos, quesadillas, rice bowls, and nachos. Even making the salsa as spicy as YOU would like it per order. However, you’re not left out if you’re a vegetarian or just prefer a hotdog or hamburger. Red Roc provides a veggie option for most of their Mexican favorites and for the meat lovers, classic burgers and dogs some equipped with a Mexican twist.

We’re still making plans, so If you’re interested in participating in our 2019 Festival as a food vendor, please reach out to Gina Dengler 239-590-2328 / gdengler@wgcu.org OR Jennifer Denike 239-590-2514 / jdenike@wgcu.org