Final Band Announcement: The Moxie Strings








Our headliners are here!

The Moxie Strings will be our final performer of the festival and we over at WGCU cannot wait to see them.

The trio takes their classically trained skills and places them right in the middle of country, rock, and ear-catching tunes. They were a natural fit for Twisted Strings as they flow with the fusion styles of Joyous String Ensemble, and Violectric. Each band giving the audience a taste of what they do best.

There will be plenty of foot stomping and jamming while The Moxie Stings Perform adding flair with effect pedals and maybe some dueling instruments.

So if you want to see someone play the fiddle faster than an Irishman or enjoy an evening of music check out The Twisted Strings Music Festival.

For more info about The Moxie Strings and the other performers visit the line-up on the home page.


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